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Welcome to the Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities Website! PCBDD serves qualifying individuals with developmental disabilities from birth through life, and offers a variety of services based on eligibility and need. Services are primarily provided through Early Intervention, Service and Support Administration, or the Brooks-Yates School. Click the following links to find out more about the history of PCBDD, employment opportunities, our bill of rights, and how we can help you, click here.



Update: Brooks-Yates School Plans for the Future


Last month, the Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities shared information about its plans to relocate Brooks-Yates School within a local school district building. This raised a number of important questions about what this new partnership means for the schools’ students, staff and the community. Here are answers to three of those questions.

Q:How will the relocation of Brooks-Yates School impact its students?

A:Students at Brooks-Yates School will benefit in a number of ways.  They will continue to have their needs met as dictated by their Individual Education Plans, and students will still be educated by staff currently serving them. Students would be able to build relationships with peers through social groups and the school’s peer advocacy programs. They would also learn life skills for greater independence, and funding could increase for personalized, customized school district support and services.

Q:  Will the relocation of Brooks-Yates School affect all Pickaway County children with developmental disabilities?

A:No. Today, nine out of every ten students eligible for county board services are being served in their home school districts. As a result, enrollment at Brooks-Yates School continues to decline with a current enrollment of 13 students. The Board believes that relocation of the school is the best way to create a sustainable setting for the delivery of high-quality learning experience to these children.

Q:Will this action result in any lost jobs at Brooks-Yates School?

A:No. The school’s relocation will not cost any of its staff their jobs. The same caring, highly skilled staff will continue to work with and meet the needs of the school’s students. They will be providing services tailored to students’ needs in a new intimate, personal and relaxed educational setting.

Because the Board wants the community to be fully engaged and informed about this issue, we will continue to share information throughout the summer and into the fall when the planning team’s recommendations are presented to the Board.


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ABLE Accounts Link!

As you may know, ABLE accounts allow individuals or families to create an account that can be used to pay for “qualified disability expenses”. ABLE stands for Achieving a Better Life Experience. For the most part, the value of an ABLE account cannot be considered an asset or income for the purposes of determining eligibility for means-tested programs, such as Social Security or Medicaid.


Last week, Governor John Kasich signed into law House Bill 155. You can read the new law HERE.  The bill authorizes the Treasurer of State to set up and establish ABLE accounts in Ohio.


To begin the process of creating the ABLE accounts, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has created a webpage where people who would like to provide input on how they think ABLE accounts should work, how they would be monitored, or what the state means by the terms “qualified disability expenses”. You can submit your thoughts or comments by visiting the following website: http://ohiotreasurer.gov/Ohio_ABLE


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