Program and Expenditure Report

2017 Program Goals

Early Intervention

  • Expand the PLAY Project (Play & Language for Autistic Youngsters) services for children in preschool.
  • Determine the feasibility to collaborate with school districts to extend PLAY Project for students in the elementary classrooms.
  • Survey families to ensure fidelity of evidence-based practices.
  • Explore a multi-county collaboration to evaluate children suspected to have an autism spectrum disorder through the Autism Diagnostic Education Program.

Brooks-Yates School

  • Continue collaborative efforts to include students in integrated settings.
  • Complete training in Touch Math.
  • Provide technical assistance and resources to support students in their home school districts.
  • Explore the feasibility of PLAY Project in classroom settings.

Service and Support Administration

  • Enroll at minimum an additional 12 Individual Options, six SELF, and 12 Level One Waivers.
  • Expand the FANS Network to include Best Buddies, Caring Craftsmen, and Give Back Crew projects.
  • Complete transition of TDD waivers to Individual Options waivers.
  • Improve data integrity through maintenance of the DODD IDS system.
  • Offer two Good Life/ Trauma Informed Care trainings.
  • Create two shared-living arrangements within Pickaway County.
  • Ensure all SSAs are consistently maintaining above 70% productivity.
  • Expand self-advocacy efforts by offering options for members of People First to attend advocacy training.
  • Complete a quarterly fundraiser for Special Olympics.


  • Launch Project SEARCH, a unique, business led, one-year school-to-work program that takes place entirely in the workplace
  • Hire an Employment Navigator to target specific employment supports to yield.
  • Develop a speakers bureau through People First.
  • Conduct a social engineering audit.
  • Advocate streamline accounting processes.
  • Shift the Boards involvement in maintaining and owning residential properties to advocate the development of accessible low-income housing in the community.
  • Develop community transition options through advocacy and support.
  • Obtain a three-year accreditation review through DODD.
  • Update waiting list policy and procedure.
  • Identify members of SSA department for additional leadership training.
  • Implement an enhanced orientation program that includes receiving direct care experience through a partnership with agency providers.
  • Develop a system to update the PCBDD website on at least a monthly basis.


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