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Individuals age 14 through 22 are eligible to work with PCBDD’s Transition Services Specialist (TSS). The TSS works closely with students, families, Service and Support Administrators, and school districts to prepare the student for the transition from school to adulthood. This transition process is highly individualized, and is based on the vision of the student and family for the future.

General Steps for Transition Planning:

  • Hold an initial meeting to conduct person-centered planning using MAPS (McGill Action Planning System). This allows the team to set a benchmark for graduation.
  • Conduct a follow-up meeting to create a detailed transition strategy that “backwards plans” for an individual to reach his or her goals.
  • Discuss responsibilities of all IEP team members to support the student in meeting his or her post-secondary goals.
  • Develop a transition-to-work inventory to assess work interests and help in career exploration (when appropriate).
  • Communicate with businesses or provider agencies, as needed, to employment goals.

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Employment Navigation

The primary responsibility of the Employment Navigator (EN) is to assist in the planning, coordinating and monitoring of employment-related supports to job-seekers with developmental disabilities in out local community.  The Employment Navigator has a wide-ranging knowledge of employment-related service systems and resources in our community, including Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), our local school districts, Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ), the Chamber of Commerce, and local employers.  The Employment Navigatgor helps prepare, educate and connect job-seekers as they go through the process of getting the right job.  This entails a lot of research and ingenuity around planning, assessing, and referring, to increase the chances of success. 

For questions or more information please contact our Employment Navigator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Employment Navigation is about expanding opportunities!


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Raymond Dixon: Life and Work in Circleville


All grocery stores are not created equal, but we know they all share one thing in common: the very high cost of groceries! Or do they? A trip to the Discount Grocery located at 900 S. Pickaway St. in Circleville may change your mind!

Susan Armstrong’s father started this still family-owned business in 1986 with a supply, of all things, of Dinty Moore Beef Stew! He bought a trailer load of the stew about 40 years ago, sold it at a discount, and made his mark in Circleville. He and his family continue their goal to be a part of the community by “feeding families every day.” And his lower price on the Dinty Moore Beef Stew led to what is now a store with hundreds of products that mean the difference between eating and not eating for some people in the Circleville area.

One of the dedicated employees at the grocery is Raymond Dixon, an eager and smiling man whom the store owners praise highly. Raymond usually works on Fridays and Mondays. “I put boxes together, separate the out-of-date and in-date products, clean the bathroom, sweep the floor, clean the break room and clean Susan’s office. I really like working here,” he says. Raymond also has worked for the Circleville Herald, distributing newspapers and at Goodwill Industries in Circleville.

Raymond graduated from the Pickaway Ross Career and Technology Center in 1980 from its Food Services program, so his job at the Discount Grocery is allowing him to use skills he learned in school. With the assistance of the Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and the community minded owners of the Discount Grocery, Raymond once again proves there are “job fits” between fair-minded employers and good employees who may otherwise have difficulty finding jobs. Sometimes people just need a chance to work, which of course helps them and all of us by keeping them independent.

Raymond says that he likes to watch TV for fun and is a big fan of movies that feature street racing, especially “The Fast and the Furious.” Raymond is just like all of us, trying to have a good life and a fulfilling job.


Susan Armstrong explains that the Discount Grocery tries to carry goods which are at least 50% lower in price than the bigger stores, such as WalMart and Kmart. The grocery wants to feed families with an income level that is really pinching their ability to provide the basics.

“What a joy it is to have Raymond here,” says a smiling Susan. “He is eager to work, wants to please and his attitude is perfect. He has proved himself more and more invaluable as time goes on; he’s like a breath of fresh air!"

Raymond’s future plans include contacting his siblings to reestablish relationships. He also says he would like to have more TV channels, “but it’s expensive!” And as a final thought, Raymond says, “I guess I’ll get a haircut, too.” Just like you and me? You bet!


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