2022 Board Members

Jeff Rawlins; President

Cara Layne; Vice President

Matthew Tootle; Secretary

Beth Kim

Jenny Rainey

LaDonna Edwards

Jeannett Rhoads

Back Row, Left to Right: LaDonna Edwards, Cara Layne, Jeff Rawlins, Jeannett Rhoads, Mike Pelcic, and Adam Herman with OACB

Front Row, Left to Right: Beth Kim, Jenny Rainey, Matthew Tootle

Board Committees

Program & Personel

Jeff Rawlins

Cara Layne

Jenny Rainey

Policy & Finance

Jeff Rawlins

Matthew Tootle

Jenny Rainey

Building, Grounds, Transportation


Jenny Rainey

LaDonna Edwards

Ethics Council


Cara Layne

Matthew Toole

Sports Committee

LaDonna Edwards

Jeannette Rhoads

Matthew Tootle

Board Councils

Behavior Support/Human Rights

*Members appointed by Superintendent Mike Pelcic.

Morgan Ramey 
Marie Wilbanks
Anne Artise
Michelle Gifford
Reaching Beyond Gift Committee

*Board employee in non-direct service position appointed by superintendent

Board President
Jenny Rainey
Cara Layne
Amanda Hall


BYC Housing Opportunities Inc. 

Board President (non voting member)

Ty Ankrom

Randy Beach

David Fausnaugh

Tad Grover

Jared Konkle

Tom Hill

Larry Justice

Jessica Mullins

Gwen Wolford