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The Good Life Network

Good Life Logo

The Good Life Network (GLN) is a training and professional development program conceptualized and founded by Willie Jones and Pete Moore in 2011. Pete and Willie teamed up to create an extensive “train the trainer” program to expand the Good Life Network into various counties throughout the state. We are proud to have two Good Life Trainers with our Pickaway County staff: Amanda Knotts and Bryston Lee. Amanda and Bryston offer Good Life classes throughout the year for people who are interested. Staff find these classes motivating, eye-opening, and extremely engaging!   

The goal of the program is to combine many various philosophies and disciplines (i.e., gentle teaching, positive culture, person-centered planning, etc.) into a cohesive and organized effort to help people with developmental disabilities live a good life.

Graduates from Good Life training walk away with the following items in their “Toolbox” to make them more successful in their jobs and lives:

True Focus: The True Focus of our work is about valuing and appreciating each other and the people we serve. The focus is on surrounding each other with allies to enhance relationships at the core, on internal and external levels.

Mental Models: This is about the thought process that goes into planning for great customer service. The Good Life mental model is about focusing on the strengths and skills of the person served and the service providers. The mental model is on appreciation, strengths, success and possibilities. This Tool helps explore Traditional roles like “DD Cop”, “Compliance Agent”, and “Enforcer”.

Self-Assessment: This is about reflection, with a focus on the skills and contributions that each person brings to the planning/support process, daily interactions and organizational operations.

Hats of Support: This is about the different “Hats” that each of us choose to wear each day. The Hats are a reflection of our mental model. The customer service experience is impacted by the type of Hat we choose to wear. Green Hat equals great relationships. 

Floodlight vs. Spotlight Vision: This is about the type of vision that is used by individual employees and organizations. Spotlight is a narrow vision that only looks at problems, limitations, and deficits with the person served and service providers. Floodlight vision is about the big picture with a focus on strengths, skills, contributions, possibilities, and success.

Beginner’s Mind and Pink Bat Thinking: This is about problem solving approaches that look at problems as opportunities. The focus is looking for solutions from a new perspective by using the talents, skills and contributions of team members at all levels.

Be a Duck and Gentle Wind: This is about learning how to respond to conflicts and challenges that occur in the planning and service delivery process.

Emotional First-Aid: This is about learning how to use the five steps that make up Emotional First-Aid for resolving conflicts among co-workers, team members and other organizations. This tool is crucial when it comes to calming difficult situations and using Rationality to overcome Emotionality. Don’t give in when others want you to use a traditional approach. 

Must-Haves and Tools of an Ally: This is about the five fundamental “Must-Haves” that are part of good customers service, conflict resolution, and Emotional First-Aid. This tool enables each person to be able to complete a head to-toe assessment to identify the tools an Ally uses to help a co-worker and person served to be successful and experience a “Good Life”!


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– Our Mission Statement –

Empower people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work, and be involved in their community.