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Our first completed success story through Pickaway County F.A.N.S Network!

Just last week we had a request come through for an individual who was having difficulties getting in and out of her lane due to the need for new gravel. 

The word was put out to our F.A.N.S Network and one of our F.A.N.S, Craig Arledge, president of Arledge Construction, answered the call for help.

Arledge Construction partnered with Shelly Materials and not only donated 12 tons of gravel, but also delivered and spread it at the individual’s residence. THANK YOU ARLEDGE CONSTRUCTION and SHELLY MATERIALS, and a big thank you to their employees Zach and Josh who took the time to deliver and spread this gravel for us! Your generosity and connection to our community makes our hearts smile!



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WHAT IS THE F.A.N.S Network?

Our network is a group of friends, allies & neighbors who have committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. The network helps in a variety of ways, both big and small, with the belief that the journey of life is better when people help and support each other. You may find that you can help hands on or by connecting us to the people who can!

To become a F.A.N. please contact our Community Connections Coordinator Heather Foll, at either (740) 474-3353 ext. 39 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What’s Happening

F.A.N.S Network

– Our Mission Statement –

Empower people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work, and be involved in their community.