Report Abuse/MUIs

How to report a Major Unusual Incident (MUI)

During Business Hours Call:
Marie Wilbanks, SSA Director
(740) 477-3353 ext. 20


Outside Business Hours, or no answer, PCBDD operates an emergency phone line that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (calls returned within 30 minutes):       (740) 497-2887.

Reporting Procedures

Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, Prohibited Sexual Relations, Misappropriation, Peer-to-Peer Acts, Suspicious or Accidental Death of a Consumer, and Media Inquiries

All reports of or allegations of possible physical, sexual, or verbal abuse, neglect, misappropriation, exploitation, prohibited sexual relations, peer-to-peer acts, accidental or suspicious death, and inquiries from the media about an MUI must be reported to the PCBDD immediately but no later than 4 hours after discovery of the incident or allegation. All reports must be made verbally by contacting the Investigative Agent, Director of SSA or calling the emergency phone line at (740) 497-2887.

By 3:00 PM the next business day, a written Unusual Incident Report (UIR) of the incident must be submitted to the PCBDD Investigative Agent. The UIR can be faxed to Marie Wilbanks at (740) 477-6772.

All other MUIs

All other categories of MUIs should be reported to the PCBDD as soon as possible but no later than one day after discovery that the MUI has occurred.

A written UIR must be submitted to the PCBDD Investigative Agent no later than 3:00 PM next business day after initial discovery of the possible MUI.

What is a Major Unusual Incident (MUI)?

An MUI is defined as the alleged, suspected or actual occurrence of an incident when there is reason to believe the health and welfare of an individual may be adversely affected or an individual may be placed at a likely risk of harm, if the individual is receiving services through the developmental disabilities system or will be receiving services as a result of the incident.

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