Residential Services

Residential services arranged by PCBDD are provided in a variety of settings and situations. For more information contact the Service and Support Administration department at 740-477-3353.

Supported Living


  • PCBDD arranges and manages several different types of residential services for individuals with disabilities through local, state and federal funding.
  • Locally funded residential supports are referred to as “Supported Living”.
  • Funding is determined by qualification and need, which are assessed by an individual’s Service and Support Administrator.
  • All individuals eligible for PCBDD services may be placed on the Supported Living waiting list unless already receiving alternate residential supports.

Home and Community Based Waivers

  • Home and Community Based Waiver Services refer to waivers for individuals qualifying for services who are deemed Medicaid-eligible and meet the required level of care.
  • There are three types of  waivers:
    • The Individual Options Waiver, or “IO”
    • The Level One Waiver
    • The Self Empowerment Life Funding Waiver, or SELF waiver.
    • Funding for these waivers varies, and each waiver provides a unique package of services.  For more information on waiver services visit the DODD webpage.

Intermediate Care Facilities

You have the right to make choices about your life.  You have the right to make choices about where you live and who you live with.  You can choose to live in an intermediate care facility (ICF).

  • At least 4 people live together in an ICF.
  • An ICF has staff on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There is always someone to help in an emergency.
  • Every ICF looks different, but usually people who live in an ICF share a bedroom.
  •  To find an ICF use the DODD ICF Search Tool.
For more information on residential options please read DODD’s Residential Options Pamphlet.