Residential Services

Residential services arranged by PCBDD are provided in a variety of settings and situations. For more information contact the Service and Support Administration department at 740-477-3353.

Supported Living


  • PCBDD arranges and manages several different types of residential services for individuals with disabilities through local, state and federal funding.
  • Locally funded residential supports are referred to as “Supported Living”.
  • Funding is determined by qualification and need, which are assessed by an individual’s Service and Support Administrator.
  • All individuals eligible for PCBDD services may be placed on the Supported Living waiting list unless already receiving alternate residential supports.

Home and Community Based Waivers

  • Home and Community Based Waiver Services refer to waivers for individuals qualifying for services who are deemed Medicaid-eligible and meet the required level of care.
  • There are three types of  waivers:
    • The Individual Options Waiver, or “IO”
    • The Level One Waiver
    • The Self Empowerment Life Funding Waiver, or SELF waiver.
    • Funding for these waivers varies, and each waiver provides a unique package of services.  For more information on waiver services visit the DODD webpage.