Strategic Plan

Below is a list of our various policies and guidelines that you can download for your own records.

Our Process

Meeting 1

  • Overview
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Review of Key Strategic Issues
  • Begin Surveys

Meeting 2

  • Present and Approve Surveys
  • Assign Small Groups for Key Strategic Issues

Meeting 3

  • Review Survey Feedback
  • Present Group Strategic Issues/Goal Input
  • Plan Public Forum

Meeting 4

  • Review Public Forum Feedback
  • Finalize Goals and Strategic Plan for Board Presentation

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

Ensure sustainable, reliable, accessible and integrated transportation options are available for all people.

  • Participate in OACB, P3, PICCA, and elected officials meetings each year to support local, state, federal funds of transportation. 
  • Utilize board members to meet with commisioners to advocate for directing funds to address transportation needs. 
  • Assess and implement least resrictive transportation by integrating self-transportation or use of alternative resources. 
  • Activley engage the people served to work with transportation providers to improve quality services. 

Objective 2

Keep people that are served informed and engaged.

  • Insure that people served receive service in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs.
  • Use preferred communitcation methods as determined by people served in the assessment process. 
  • Provide tools for self-advocacy
  • Identify opportunities for self-advocacy and celebrating success
  • Prepare a platform to recognize success of people served
  • Use multimedia tools featuring people served to train caregivers

Objective 3

Connect parents, providers and people served with available training resources

  • Launch new website that will provide immediate access to relevant resources for all ages and stages of development
  • Assess and implement new and innovative communication tools for SSAs, parents and providers that allows for a preferred method of contact
  • Meet with each newly certified independent provider within sixty calendar days of selection

Objective 4

Keep staff informed and engaged

  • Regularly communicate to all staff in written and verbal form current practices and changes in operation
  • Feature staff on social media
  • Invite staff to share success at DD Board meetings
  • Incorporate inspirational, motivational information components into monthly staff meetings and stand-alone inservices
  • Develop a mechanism for feedback from staff
  • Investigate best practices and improve process for consistent onboarding
  • Regularly hold staff training for new software and technology
  • Expand IT help desk to be more readily available to all staff

Objective 5

Expand online presence

  • Utilize marketing materials to increase community visibility
  • Request cooperating agencies, businesses and their followers to promote DD social media
  • Stipulate budget to increase visibility of social media
  • Adjust social media presence as trends emerge
  • Continuously assess feasibility of new and innovative technology

Objective 6

Assure funding is adequte to meet needs of people served for home and community based services

  • Schedule regular meetings with budget commission
  • Train Board memebers on long-term budget issues
  • Assure three years reserve funds to pay nonfederal share of Medicaid expenditures
  • Establish adequate funding to ensure 6% annual increase in enrollment for three years
  • Maintain SSA staff to people served ratio of 30:1

Objective 7

Increase the number of people served of working age engaged in community employment by 5% annually

  • Identify barriers to employment
  • Shift funding from facility-based services to supportive community employment
  • Promote individualized paths to community employment for people served
  • Maintain adequate number of trained staff to support community employment

Objective 8

Take an active role in recruiting and retaining providers to meet the needs of people served

  • Identify staff to provide support to providers
  • Develop initiatives to increase retention of providers

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