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Thank you for your interest in working for the Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  

Current openings are listed below and details for each position may be seen by clicking on the position title.  If no positions are listed, unfortunately, there are no vacancies currently available.



*Home Health Assistants

**Part Time and Full Time Positions

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**Starting Rate – $12.00 per hour

**Attendance Program with an additional $.50 on the hour

**Sign-On Bonus

**Company Benefits – Vacation, Sick Time, Health Insurance

**Management Opportunities


Please submit your resume to info@ghslohio.com




The Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD) is seeking a Superintendent that will lead by example by working collaboratively and communicating effectively with the Pickaway County community, including PCBDD Board members, people who are eligible for services and their families, employees, providers, advocates, and local officials.  The Board desires a leader who is committed to our mission and vision and who will lead with integrity, with a broad understanding of all aspects of the County Board’s responsibilities, including finances, individual and family needs, community integration and employment, and early intervention.


Operations and Financials:

Population Served

506 people, including early intervention, children, and adults


Expenses: $5,703,197, based on 2022 Actuals

Revenue: $4,746,298, based on 2022 Actuals

Levy Information

  • Continuing 1 voted mills, passed 1992, voluntarily rolled back
  • Continuing 0.6 voted mills, passed 1997, voluntarily rolled back
  • Continuing 1.4 voted mills, passed 2002, voluntarily rolled back to 25% collection
  • Continuing 2 voted mills, passed 2005


Full-Time: 35

  • Service and Support Administration
  • Director of Service and Support
  • SSA: 14
  • SSAA
  • Employment Services Specialist
  • Community Connections Coordinator
  • Early Intervention
  • Director of EI
  • EI Developmental Specialist: 4
  • School-age Services
  • Intervention Specialist: 2
  • Paraprofessional: 5
  • Compliance and Eligibility Specialist
  • Business Office
  • Director of Business and Operations
  • Fiscal Specialist
  • Medicaid Manager
  • Administrative Assistant/Personnel


Location of Position: 

Pickaway County Board of DD  200 East High Street, Circleville, Ohio 43113


Application Process:

Candidates are required to submit the following:

  • A letter of interest highlighting qualifications, recent achievements, and reason for interest in the position.
  • Resume with at least three professional references.
  • Proof of master’s degree in Special Education or other related field approved for use by Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).
  • A minimum of 10 years experience in the field of DD service, of which a minimum of eight years shall be in a supervisory or management capacity.
  • A copy of a current Superintendent Certificate or eligibility to obtain a Superintendent Certificate as issued by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Minimum qualifications:  Meet requirements of the Ohio Administrative Code 5123-5-03 for County Board of DD Superintendent Certification. 


Salary:  Commensurate with experience and qualifications.




Position Description





PRIMARY FUNCTION: As the Chief Executive Officer of the Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD), the Superintendent is responsible to the Board for the overall operation of the organization.  The Superintendent shall administer and supervise the operations of PCBDD to meet the needs of the community and those with developmental disabilities in conformance with PCBDD’s Mission, Vision, and 4 Keys of Service.




  1. Recommend to the Board the changes necessary to increase the effectiveness of the programs and services offered pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code.
  2. Monitor that the policies and operations of the PCBDD comply with applicable standards of the State of Ohio, the Federal government, local government, and other accrediting agencies as may be required by Ohio law, including taking all actions necessary to comply with its local Medicaid authority requirements.
  3. Oversee the administration and monitoring of Early Intervention, School-Age Services, Services and Support Administration, and other services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities of all ages determined eligible for Board services.
  4. Establish employment procedures and practices that comply with all federal and state laws, including establishing days and hours of work, position descriptions, work rules, and evaluation procedures for all employees.
  5. Employ persons for all positions authorized by the Board, approve employment contracts for management employees for a term of one year or less, and approve personnel actions involving employees in the classified civil service as may be necessary for the work of the Board.
  6. Approve compensation for employees within limits set by the salary schedule and budget set by the Board, and ensure that all employees are properly reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of official duties.
  7. Collaborate and maintain relationships with public agencies as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, including other county boards of developmental disabilities, and with individuals, agencies, or organizations providing services supported by the Board.
  8. Make recommendations to the Board regarding the organization, finance, facility, and all other aspects of the PCBDD’s operations, and authorize the payment of board obligations by the county auditor.
  9. Supervise the preparation of the annual budget and all construction and supplementary budgets; make recommendations concerning such budgets to the Board and supervise their administration.
  10. Attend Board meetings, participate in all deliberations of the Board, and keep the Board informed regarding the operations of the PCBDD.
  11. Perform other duties as directed by the Board and as outlined in the Board Policy Manual and the Ohio Revised Code.


PERSONAL CONTACTS: Frequent contacts with board members, management staff of PCBDD, other governmental entities, individuals and families served, providers, advocates, and other local officials.




  1. Knowledge of all PCBDD programs, policies, and procedures.
  2. Knowledge of strategic development and execution.
  3. Knowledge of current practices in the field of developmental disabilities.
  4. Knowledge of Federal and State laws.
  5. Ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with Board members, individuals and families served, employees, providers, advocates, local officials, and the wider Pickaway County community.
  6. Ability to create and implement innovative strategies and solutions, manage the creative process of others, and resolve problems with effective solutions.
  7. Ability to provide effective leadership, attract, retain and lead highly-motivated and well-qualified staff, and promote their professional development. Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with employees of PCBDD.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively in a variety of formal and informal settings. The ability to communicate controversial topics and data as well as a compelling vision and sense of core purpose.  Remains calm under pressure and adversity.
  9. Ability to build constructive and effective relationships with internal and external customers and gain their trust and respect.
  10. Ability to diplomatically and tactfully defuse situations, have an aptitude for relating well to and genuinely caring about people, and the ability to work in and promote a diverse environment and inspire and motivate others.



  1. Master’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Special Education or a related field from an accredited college or university.
  2. A minimum of 10 years of full-time paid senior leadership experience in a county board or public agency, including eight years of experience in a management capacity in administration, supervision, early intervention, or habilitation programming of individuals with developmental disabilities.
  3. Extensive knowledge of Medicaid Home and Community Based Waivers and funding streams.
  4. Extensive knowledge of the developmental disability service delivery system and related Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Administrative Code, and Ohio Departments of Developmental Disabilities and Education rules and regulations.
  5. Proven experience influencing others and collaborating. Success in accomplishing goals through both formal channels and informal networks.  Proven track record of encouraging collaboration and gaining the trust and support of others.  The skill to negotiate in tough situations with both internal and external groups while being both direct and diplomatic.
  6. Experience in the following areas strongly preferred: employment laws; budgeting and finance; communications/public relations; technology; and facilities management.
  7. Valid Ohio Department of DD superintendent’s certification or the ability to obtain this certification immediately upon hire.
  8. Valid Ohio Driver’s license and an excellent driving record.




The Superintendent is required to:

  1. Provide an excellent customer experience for all who access services from PCBDD.
  2. Continue to foster a culture of innovation to creatively meet the needs of those who access services from PCBDD.
  3. Maintain confidentiality.
  4. Work effectively and cooperatively with other employees, related public agency staff, community businesses, service providers, and other members of the public.
  5. Maintain valid certification, licensure, or registration required for the position.

The Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities has announced that its current Superintendent, Mike Pelcic, will be retiring at the end of the year and it is accepting applications for the position of Superintendent.    The Pickaway County Board of DD is intent on continuing the long tradition of assuring that all eligible individuals in that community receive quality person-centered driven services.  They are seeking a Superintendent who will continue the practices of leading by example, being innovative, representing the organization at the local and state level and assuring the needs of those individuals supported by the Pickaway County Board are met.  The person selected will serve in an Assistant Superintendent capacity until assuming full responsibilities as Superintendent on 1/1/24.


Please see the attached document for an overview of the Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities and a Position Description.

Starting Salary: Commensurate with experience and qualifications

Please email cover letter, resume and other relevant information  to: pickaway@oacbdd.org   

Application deadline:  5:00 PM, February 28, 2023

Questions may be directed to John Trunk, Superintendent Search Advisor, OACB            

Email: jtrunk@oacbdd.org

Phone: 419-266-0126